We are building apps based on the unique and diverse needs of entrepreneurs.

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The app diva currently has 6 apps in development all of which will appeal to almost any group, but specifically professionals, executives and business owners because of their busy lifestyles.

  1. Plus 1 – As an entrepreneur, I get tickets to amazing functions.  BUT, I don’t want to go alone.  Plus1 is Stub Hub meets Tinder OR an opportunity to network with individuals over an event where there is a common interest.
  2. Right Now – is an app that provides all types of services for a person that needs them Right NOW, whether is eyelashes or PowerPoint presentations, you need it right now.  It is location-based so no matter where you are you can have it.
  3. Tele-connect – is an app created for teleworkers that wants the “office experience” from time to time and businesses (tele-hosts) that want to meet and exchange referrals by hosting a teleworker in their workspace.
  4. Virtual Bar – A dating website that connects offline patrons and offline subscribers with restaurants, bars and clubs through streaming and with REAL transactions.  Imagine that,  buying someone a drink 500 miles a way or just down the street, OR having someone buy you a drink because they liked what they saw during the streaming session.
  5. What’s Poppin – What’s Poppin is a location-based Yellow Pages but REAL TIME (streaming) It is designed for people that want to go to go out but want to check out the scene first to see “What’s Poppin”.  It is also for event planners and promoters that want to showcase their events “live” to draw in more patrons.
  6. T.E.N. – Teaming Exchange Network – It’s a dating platform, but for businesses that want to team with each other based on a variety of criteria.  THIS platform is different because we actually VET the companies in an effort to ensure that you are teaming with strong companies that can deliver.  This is hosted by Contracts and Grants, LLC, the company that I own.
Linda Chatmon

I am an entrepreneur that has a hectic schedule and because my professional lifestyle is so demanding, I don’t always have a long lead time for making appointments, meetings and reservations so when I need something, I need it Right Now. 

I am also single and don’t get an opportunity to meet people through the more traditional means so I need a mixture of offine and online activity.  

So, I have developed a series of apps designed for those things in mind, convenience, accessibility, and responsiveness.


I created this app because I have been a teleworker for over 16 years and quite honestly, sometimes, I just want to interact with other people in an office environment.  Simple things that most people take for granted like, stopping by and chit-chatting with a co-worker, conversations at the water cooler, going to lunch with a co-worker, hearing other voices, a break room, etc. Sometimes too much flexibility can make us indecisive. Now, I can be in a different office every day, exposing MY services, AND showcasing the services of my tele=host to MY Client Base.

Virtual Bar

Are you a busy professional that just also happens to be Single? Has every dating website failed to meet your standards? Do you wish that Prince Charming will just show up at your door? Well, The Virtual Bar is for YOU!

The virtual bar is an app designed for singles, that want the benefits of meeting someone in a bar environment, without having to actually BE at the bar, OR for the person that wants to BE at the bar and be seen by singles all over the world through live streaming? 

What’s Poppin

I created this app because I never get out and do things and I wanted an app that I could “see” what was going on before I headed out.  I can’t tell you how many times I have looked places up online and got there and it was dead, or a different crowd than I expected.  I also travel a lot so it is GREAT for trying out new places in an area you are unfamiliar with. 

Linda Chatmon, App-Diva

The App Diva was created based on the unique and diverse needs of Entrepreneurs, other people had the same needs such as: 

  • Travel Frequently
  • Schedule changes often
  • Expand Social Network
  • Versatile
  • Flexible

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